child exploitation in Kenya

Child exploitation takes place in different forms in Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa. These include domestic Labour; forced Labour in supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants; forced begging on the streets; sexual exploitation; and forced marriage.

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2019 Census Data Reveal

The 2019 census report is out and the population has expanded by nine million over the past decade. There are 47,564,296 people in Kenya. This includes 23,548,056 men and 24,014,716 women plus 1,524 unisex persons. The number of households is 12,143,913 whereas the ratio per household is 3.9. W... Read more

Tanzania girls married at 15

Every child has a dream. A beautiful dream where there is laughter and joy as children are surrounded with each other playing in the grounds, building Lego blocks, reading together in class, watching nice creative videos on YouTube, being shown love and support by the parents, sleeping soundly an... Read more

"The Talk"

Some call it the tale of the “birds and the bees;” others call it “the talk.” Regardless of the name, it is almost always associated with feelings of awkwardness, anxiety, and uneasiness. This is a discussion about sex and sexuality.

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