A Tourism Approach, In the Best Interest of the child

By Kevin Anyonge

The right to education has been globally acknowledged as an overarching right. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights decrees education as an inalienable human right (UN, 1948) upon which depends the realization of other rights. This has been reiterated in several other international, regional and national laws and policies.

The World Conference on Education for All provides that basic education should be accessible to all. Specifically, the declaration stated that the needs of children with disabilities demand special attention and appropriate strategies need to be taken to ensure equal access to education to every category of persons with disabilities as an integral part of the education system.

National Survey on Children with Disabilities and Special Needs in Education, conducted between 2016 and 2017, showed that 11% of all learners in Kenya have one or another form of disability.

The most common disabilities among learners include visual impairment 3.1%, physical disability 3%, intellectual disability 2.5%, hearing impairment 1.2%, speech and language 0.9% deaf,blind 0.2%.A significant number of these children are enrolled in schools, the rate of school dropout remains high due to lack of support services in most learning institutions

In a rare spectacle of offering a helping hand, a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) ranger was the charm of social media after carrying a disabled schoolgirl up a hill for a view of Chania falls at the Aberdare National park.

Ranger Philip Wesa got touched after getting word from his colleagues of the girl who could not climb the hill because she is disabled.

Deborah Nyaboke a form two pupil from Joyland Special School in Kisumu had been left behind in the school bus by her schoolmates  and teachers who went to view the waterfall

Mr. Wesa, upon receiving the information, went to the school bus and carried the Form two pupil on his back. The two ascended the hill with the help of other KWS rangers, all in an honorable effort for the girl to get a magnificent view of the waterfall. The overjoyed Nyaboke later joined her colleagues at the park, her desire was fulfilled.Kenya Wildlife Service on twitter congratulated Mr. Wesa’s kindness.


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