About Us

Mtoto News is an online platform on news information and resources on children, established in February 2017 and registered by the office the attorney general, Mtoto News was born out of a need to fill a gap of the lack of platform that is dedicated in reporting children issues and giving children a platform to voice their concern. We aim at making a significant change in the lives of children by making them visible in political, cooperate, economic, social and development discourse. We are leveraging on new and old media to reach and connect policymakers, project implementers and children. Our online platforms and communities are designed to trigger conversations on children and come up with solutions, within the shortest time possible. Best Interest of the Child and Child Participation are at the core of our business, hence we ensure to bring in Children voices in every conversation.

Our team members

Jennifer Kaberi

Jennifer Kaberi


Ann Wambui Mukuru

Ann Wambui Mukuru


Dennis Njoroge

Dennis Njoroge


Victor Omukote

Victor Omukote


Tracey Wasunna MBPsS

Tracey Wasunna MBPsS


More about us

Mtoto News is governed by an advisory board made up of:

  • Media and New media experts. 
  • Public policy expert.
  • IT and ICT for development expert. 
  • A child and family lawyer. 
  • An organization strategy expert.

In our endeavor to make children visible, we use the following approaches :

  1. Increase meaningful Child Participation and presence in media through:

           ● Capacity Building of children in media participation engagement, emphasizing in both mainstream and new media

           ● Providing a platform where children can engage policy and decision makers on matters concerning

          ● Ensure Child led reporting and publishing in different platforms as actors and players in the fight to end violence against children and                 improve child welfare.

       2. Advocating in the best interest of the child.

● Providing relevant, timely and evidence-based News, Information and Resources on children that are well researched, packaged and targeted through :

    - News report and Features -This entails newsworthy topics with the latest facts and figures on issues and matters to do with children.           Example child marriage, child trafficking, FGM, maternal health, child labor, FGM.
   -Documentaries, Develop, produce, edit, and exhibit documentary films based on topics related to children. These documentaries will include real situations and they will lead to longer features expressing fully developed concepts pertaining to topics such as FGM, child labor and child sexual exploitation. Research and analysis will be emphasized, and the intended outcome will be creating more awareness on these issues.

- Children based show program This entails shows that will engage children, directly and indirectly, to increase child participation and children voice coverage, example Sauti ya Mtoto, The ECD Equation, and Rekindled Dreams.

● Topical Articles This Entails emerging issues example sexual violence,
child abuse
● Increase local news items on our online- news paper
● Have guest writers to write Opinion pieces.
a. Build the Capacity of media actors in both mainstream and new media on child-sensitive reporting, trends in children sector and there role in
ending violence against children and improving child welfare
b. Engaging in online and offline Campaigns on children, focusing on different topics that affect children, especially on the fight to end violence
against children and achievement of SDGs and popularizing the INSPIRE model. We will continue to plug in different global and local campaigns.

However, we will also design our own campaigns such as investing in children, UN/international Days on children. We will use different methods in our campaigns such as Twitter chats. Threads, thunderclaps, twitter storms and use of Facebook campaigns features.

c. Conduct Media monitoring on how different media houses both mainstream and new media report or discuss children issues or regular basis for action.

d. Fact checks both mainstream and new media to ensure that they are reporting accurate and factual information regarding children.
e. Conducting Research on the different interaction between children and media both mainstream and new media.
f. Disseminate research on children using consumer-friendly methods including a short video, GIFs, infographics, and posters.


3. Promote Child innovation to end violence against children and
promote child welfare through :
● Hackathon that encourages innovations by social service and technology actors come up with solutions to pressing child protection concern from the local to the national

● Holding annual Awards to recognize individuals, corporations and organizations that have significantly contributed to ending violence against children and improving child welfare.

4. Encourage learning and collaboration in on the ending violence and child welfare discourse through :

● Organizing quarterly Learning forums where practitioners can engage and learn from each on the new trends toending violence against children and improving child welfare

● Holding webinars or watching parties with experts on different topics on violence against children and child welfare from all over the world
● Organizing roundtables between practitioners, children, policy makers, and decision makers to discuss pressing children matters on children.


  1. Child participation
  2. Best Interest of the child
  3. Transparency
  4. Quality
  5. Objectivity
  6. Evidence bases
  7. Do no harm


Children constitute 30% of the total world population; the number goes up in developing countries to over 50%. However, children issues are rarely-covered in mainstream media and in case they get reported it is never a headline. This has resulted in children being left out in important discussions in development, social, political and cooperate word. In addition, children are rarely given an opportunity to express themselves. Mtoto News was established in February 2017 to fill this gap. Mtoto News mission is to make children visible by ensuring they are not left out in the political, development, social and cooperate discourse. We are motivated by knowing that if the issues of children are known it will lead to action for change of policy, interventions, and programs.
Our aim is to make a significant positive difference in the lives of children by increasing their visibility in political, social, development and corporate discourse.
  1.  To report in the Best Interest of the Child.
  2.  To provide a platform for child participation.
  3.  To provide a platform where child sector practitioners can engage and collaborate.

Since it’s conception Mtoto News has grown to a brand associated with children especially child rights advocacy and child participation. We have been able to achieve the following

1. Weekly News Roundup on children. 

                ● We have successfully been able to upload a weekly roundup of news on children known as “mtotonews insights”

                 ● Conducted interviews with experts on children both local and international on diverse topics on children.

                 ● Encourage child participation by making children part of our production include anchoring some of our news and voicing some of the production.


2. Online Newspaper and blog Increase our online newspaper and blog readership to an average of 500 per week.

3. Social media platforms

● Increase engagement and discussion on children, with an approximate 100,000 impressions on a non-campaign week, which moves to over 5,000,000 on a campaign week.

● Increased reporting on child rights violation through our different social media pages.

● Increase in awareness of the different policies that protect children, including-  the children’s act.

4. Child Participation Over the last 3 months, we have seen an increase of children engaging in our facebook pages asking questions or looking for help. We intend to scale up this through our new page ‘SautiZetu’, which is exclusively for children.

5. Campaigns We have engaged and collaborated in a number of campaigns on increasing awareness on issues affecting children :

● End Violence Against Children                       ● Menstrual health

● Violence Against Children in Care settings    ● Day of the African Child  

● End War on Children                                      ● Parenting in Africa

● Psychosocial support for children                  ● Online child safety 

● End FGM                                                        ● Child participation.

● Children Bill                                                    ● Parenting in Africa

www.mtotonews.com 6. Documentaries We have also partnered with a number of organizations to develop short films and documentaries including,

● “What I want to be when I grow up”- Agakhan University Institute of Human Development

● ‘Day of the African Child’ – International Network of Religious leaders affected and infected with HIV and AIDS, this short film was a finalist at Around the globe film festival in Berlin

● “Community Perception on Early Childhood Development” Havard University, UNICEF, Frameworks and AfCEN Panel discussions

● Day of the African Child Documentation

● Experts meeting on violence against children in care settings- Better Care Network

● AfCEN stakeholders meeting

● REPSSI International Conference Research Mtoto News is part of the enabling children voices consortium, that collected views form over 40,000 children on what they would want to be included in the county integrated development plans and the medium-term plan to the vision 2030. 7. Social Media technical support Mtoto has been at the forefront in encouraging actors in the children sector to embrace social media as an advocacy tool, hence has been able to support the following in establishing their online presence.

● Department of Children Services

● National Council for Children Services

● National Council for the Administration of Justice, a special task force on children

● The Kenya National Association of Social Workers

● The Civil Society forum to the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of children.