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Once upon a time there lived a girl by the name Jessie. She used to go to Bidii Primary School. Jessie was so helpful and enjoyed having fun. She would be as happy as a sand boy every day. Nothing could put her down.

Once she did her K.C.P.E examination, she passed with flying colours. Just as the saying goes, hard work leads to success. She was qualified to join Starehe Girls. As days went by, she continued working hard awaiting for her K.C.S.E.

The day she was going to get her results came. She ended up getting straight As. She wanted to become the first female president, so she joined politics and started law school. Many people loved her. Jessie achieved her goals and her dreams come true. She was able to improve the standard of living.

The story tells us that hard work pays and every child should work smart to  achieve their dreams.

Swalha is a member of Mtoto News Team

  • By Swalha
  • 2019-04-18
  • Children and Lifestyle
  • Career
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