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How Floods Have Affected My Life

My name is Penina Katana, I am seventeen years old. The year two thousand and eighteen, the month of March we had prepared to plant crops, suddenly the river was full of water and started to spill slowly until the month of April, when the water exceeded until floods occurred, we did not know what to do, Red Cross came and advised us to move to higher ground areas.

We left to an area where Mzee Charo Murima was, we stayed there for two days, during the night the flood water exceeded where we had slept, we were advised to leave the place and go to Mmangani primary school, on reaching there we had no food, we depended on aid from different organizations.

We stayed at Mmangani for one week, we were assisted to move as the area has started to flood and headed to Kakuyuni since schools had closed, we camped there for two weeks, when schools re-opened we were moved and returned back to Goshi at the chiefs place, we stayed here for six months and in the month of November we were told our homes had dried up from the flood water. Plots were bought for those who had financial capability to build houses, for us we had no money and we were forced to go back to Malimo, till now we are at Malimo. Flood water took away my clothes, books among other things.

  • 2019-06-16
  • Child Participation
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