Brilliant minds, Innovative ideas from young scientists in Kenya

By Constance Ndeleko
Will tomorrow come? Well, no one knows and so we say, “we’re leaders of today in preparation of a better tomorrow”. We have to make the right decision and plans now for a significant tomorrow. Our today is made of us and the future is made of the generation to come therefore, it is with utmost nurturing, encouragement, training, support to our children that will make tomorrow a success.

The Young Scientist Kenya Exhibition held on June 5th and 6th, was the best thing that happened to Kenya and to young scientists with super innovative minds. This is an opportunity that no one should let pass, it is a foundation that has allowed children to think freely, come up with ideas, inventing things that will bring amicable solutions to problems in our country.

Technology has brought about aspects that most of the third world countries would not have anticipated decades ago and which has brought positive impact in the society. Thanks to this, children can use technology for the right purpose to be exposed to meaningful ideas that will help put this nation to a better and a greater position. And for Young Scientist Kenya technology has provided insight on how different processes of knowledge are introduced and progressed and established as they are fundamentals of modern contemporary society.

It is all about bringing new concepts into reality to change the 54-year-old country as we allow our children to use talent outside class curriculum and research for permanent solutions for our needy state. Nairobi being the county most affected by congestion which has brought about rise in air pollution, loss of time and money however, it is brilliant how student came up with the idea of easing up traffic snarl up by inventing gadgets that can sense vehicles at round about to crate through pass without the help of traffic police and also how we can add sensor gadgets on the parking slot which are linked to vehicle to tell where there’s a free space for parking. With all this then Kenya will be a step ahead in growth and development.

Coming up with inventions on how we can use cassava powder into a bio-degradable paper to curb the nightmare that Kenya has been experiencing of plastic bags on that I will call it a; Timely Invention’ as we proceed with the ban on plastic bags. Who knew that texting words correctly on mobile phone improves your grammar and way of communicating? Well, science and technology has led to this magical inventory. With a few of the project ideas mentioned, there were many more that I couldn’t write down but I would like to thank every participant for the hard work and effort invested for this exhibition.

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With the Big Four Agendas in place, it is my hope that these projects will be executed in real life to allow these children to shine their efforts and transform our nation in a worthy speed on development. As the patron of Young Scientist Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta said he will spearhead this program to ensure that children get adequate support to spread their wings further.

Impressed by the projects exhibited by Young Scientist Kenya he says,’ this is the center of the determining the future of our country with the essential components of education and supporting innovation hubs across the country, also leverage technology to address the country on how to bridge gaps. He also asked for the Young Scientist Kenya to be initiated into each and every county instead of the ten counties that participated in the exhibition this year.’

Creative minds are very important to sustain the ever growing Kenya. They’ve taken the first step; let us all walk with them through this journey as an intellect team to oversee the vision 2030.Let’s support every child’s idea and creativity and bring it into perspective.



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