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Labor day or May day depending which part of the world you come from is a day where workers all over the world reflect on what they do in building the nation. Labor day is characterized with workers advocating for improved working conditions.

For our labor day special we will highlight why good working  conditions not only translates not only to improved profits, but also improve child welfare. Research has shown that work conditions have a direct effect on parenting, which affect the welfare of children,

A study in Australia shows that fathers who had very stressful working conditions were more likely to vent the stress to their families and especially children, hence making the home a toxic environment. A similar study on mothers showed that felt frustrated because they did not have time  to spend with their children.

Other studies show parents who are stressed or frustrated are more likely to abuse their children. Hence the need for employees to create an environment where families can thrive.

Here is what employers can do to improve the working conditions of their workers to improve child welfare.

Flexy Hours

Have a flexible hours  work policy for parents with young children. The first 5 years of a child are the foundation for children where their is rapid development of physical, emotional,social, spiritual and mental domains. During this period children need their parents more. In addition it is a period when children are at risk of getting sick often due their developing immune system, thus may need parent attention and numerous hospital visits. Flexy hours gives the employee the assurance that they can spend time with their young children and this becomes a win win situation because it increases productivity.

A children zone

Employers can dedicate a separate place where parents who don’t someone to care for their children during the day are able to leave their children. This is very important for mothers to new born who have to resume work early. If they are assured that they can bring their infants at work and have time to nurse, it will be easy for the mothers to transition.

Family Days

Bringing children to work will not have an impact on your brand, but will help children understand their parents working place. It will create a community where co workers families know each other.

Family Support

Anyone who has started a family will attest that starting a family is not easy, especially if you have a demanding career and position. Hence employers should develop a support system, by either having support groups for parents to help them on work/family balance. The employee can also have an in house counselor who employees can go to when they need support. In addition employees can establish a fund which employees can borrow in case of a family emergency. This will assure employees that the company got their back and hence focus on making the company productive.

Child Protection Policies

An image can loose both credibility and human resource if the brand is implicated with child abuse or promoting it. Hence for a company to assure it’s clients, customers, staff and suppliers that they are serious on safeguarding children connected with the company, It is important for companies to develop child protection policies, signed by employees and suppliers.

We had an opportunity to sit down with Sanda Ojiambo  head of Cooperate Social Responsibility at Safaricom. This week in our Wednesday Children and Business blog, we will show you how Safaricom is contributing to the welfare of children internally and externally

If your  or know a company that is child friendly, kindly tell us so that we can tell their story.

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