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1Save the children: No Choice, It takes a world to end the use of child soldiers Go to
2Save the children: Follow the Money, Equitably financing child survival Go to
3Save the children: Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) 2017 Go to
4Save the children: Stop the war on children February 2019 Go to
5UNICEF Global kids online research synthesis 2015-2016 Go to
6UNICEF Tanzania youth study of the productive social safety net (PSSN) evaluation: endline report Go to
7UNICEF Key findings on families, family policy and the sustainable development goals: Synthesis report Go to
8UNICEF - The state of the world's children 2017 Go to
9Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Go to
10UNICEF Key demographic indicators Go to
11Kenya data portal Go to
12Education statistics (Kenya at a glance) Go to
13Children Journalism Training Go to
14Department of children services Go to