Giving Back,Child’s Well-being

By Constance Ndeleko

We delegate on ensuring that we give the best to our children in the society and it is also the responsibility of the religious institutions to come up with forums and programs for the well-being of children in the community.Nomatter where you belong children deserve a solid society that takes care of their own .

At the Nairobi Baptist church we attendend the POYA (Partners Of the Year Award )event that aimed at awarding partners who who are delibarating in the society in giving back in a form that will assist and provide sufficient assistance of releasing children from proverty through  compassion in Jesus Christ.This is one of many religious progarms set to help children in the community.

The awards were set to recognize hard work put by different partners from different churches in Kenya.Under the program of Compassion statics show that there are about 19000 children between the age of 12-14, 15000 between the ages of 15-18 and 18 plus consume the number of youths that is 10,100 who are under this program.

It’s values are aimed on integrity,excellence ,stewardship and dignity by opposing all forms of child abuse and exploitation.On relevance of child protection and leaving no child behind we’ve to relate to each other and every workable institution to ensure we delegate to thiswithout fail.

These programs tend to give life cycle stages  on survival form the ages of 0-1 years,ECD level ,Childhood and the young adults.Skills make a differnce in life  for them andintiating  them into a reality through participation will enhance the development  for them and the socitey .

Emulating  programs such as these will keep the society in check , concerned institution and the government on their toes to provide necessities  for children and ensure of their well-being.It is not necessarily from churches but any religious institution should comeforth and provide any assist and resources for a better tomorrow.

There’re concerned religious  institution out there that put in the effort to ensure that  we keep and give  children  in the society at least required necessities to live life almost likeevery other child ,They should not  be left out at all with these outstanding insitution we’ve and we should applaud  everyone who is putting up much more effort into it.

This is one of the many ways that we can fight poevrty in our nation ,Africa and in the world at large ,W e’ve to start somewehre regardless the of  the little help we give, it will place and put us a step further in fighting  poverty ,child abuse,enhancing  child protection and safety  .We should learn to care for one another and give a hand where necessary to live a worthy life.

Child abuse comes in different forms and we should protect one another and our children regardless of the social status ,class,geographic locations ,color and gender.We’re all equal under Gods eyes and the hand that gives receives even with the little we’ve.

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