By Ken Musaba

Most of us grew up without having any story time with our parents. Just like African parents elsewhere we were sent to our grandparents during school holidays in the rural areas but still our grand’s’ had other issues to deal with other than to tell us stories or too busy judging the current generation.

What our parents didn’t know then and most still doesn’t know is that children enjoy reading stories with their parents, grandparents and baby sitters. There are many reasons why this exercise is important just like creating a strong bond with your child, sharing a quiet, quality and undivided attention and even make a child learn and know how to read even before joining school.

Intelligence is top list of what every parent wants for the kid. They want their children to be smart, bright, that’s why they spend so much time searching for a perfect school and making teacher exceed their expectations not knowing they have an obligation in boosting their children learning potential just by making books an integral part at their younger age.

Some of the importance are;

  • He/she learns how to pay attention to things; everyone knows that children are always restless after every zero minute and wiggle at sitting on just one place. But when they are listening to an entertaining story they can sit quietly and listen. They can share ideas about the story and ask questions. This helps the kid to learn how to listen and pay attention to details.
  • It opens the child to ideas and speaking up; after reading a story with your kid its good to ask them questions and see their reactions of what they have heard on various situations in the book and how differently they world approach the same situation.
  • It creates a bond between the parent and the child; children love when parents break from their busy schedule and spent time with them. It shows they care for their well-being and this creates a bond and shows that a parent will always be there when needed by the child. Special bedtime stories help your child look forward to enjoy going to bed and being close to you.
  • Instills love for reading; when a parent routinely read to the child, he/she instills importance of reading to the child. They understand that reading is entertaining and informative.
  • Reading of story books to children helps in early development of a child, helps children to pronounce certain words correctly.

Always find time as a parent to read to your child stories and once in a while take your child to plays just for fun.

Ken Musamba is a journalist at Mtoto News, focusing on parenting.

Mtoto News is an online platform of news, information and resources that aims at making significant change in the lives of children by making them visible. Read mtotonews.com  or follow us on twitter and Facebook @mtotonews

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