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Screen Time

Oh well, the holidays are over. Boarders are going back to their respective primary and secondary schools, day scholars are back to early mornings to prepare for school, Monday to Friday routine, homeschoolers have a schedule of their own bu...

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"It is in your hands to make the world a better place." Nelson Mandela said. But what does this mean exactly? Can you relate with these sentimental words on an individual level? Are you making the world a better place for children of the future generation to live in?

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Hey guys, so in my past articles, I talked about the benefits of engaging kids in sports and all the fun staffs that are associated with sports. Today I want to talk about the word competition, competition is good and it keeps us going especially when you want to prove a point against
your other competitors. Competition is always about challenging yourself to improve, but do you know tha...

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