By Constance Ndeleko

 Well, what do you understand by the term basic education? (POLICY BREIF JULY 2018,WORLD VISION)

Even though the program is outlined with our education system in Kenya, it is not well defined in the constitution in depth. It confuses on certain levels as each stage has been grouped in the same category which becomes a bit complex to explain its perpendicular meaning.

Basic Education in Act 14 of 2013 that interprets; educational program offered and imparted to a person in an institution of basic education and includes adults’ basic education and education offered in pre-primary educational institutions and centers.

Kenyan government committed to implementation of the Incheon Declaration and Framework for action for the Implementation of SDG NO.4 and Human Rights Framework. Kenya’s education budget is critical so as to enable the country to stay on the right path towards the full realization of the right to free and compulsory basic education

We tend to counter check with the reports to confirm allocation of funds distributed on Basic Education Sector. Cabinet Secretary responsible for education shall in consultation with National Education Board provide for establishment of pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, mobile schools and adult and continuing education centers within the country

At the National level, total expenditure for state Department for Early Learning and Basic Education has been estimated at Kshs. 99,097,286,288,284 for fiscal year 2018/2019 and projected at Kshs. 102,415,360,507 FOR FISACL YEAR 2020/2021.

For the budget of 2017/2018 fiscal year the state department for basic education revised the net budget for recurrent expenditure at Ksh.81.8 billion and development expenditure at Kshs.7.1.As at the end of April 2018 ,out of the of its total budget the department had received Kshs.63.6 Billion (77%) for recurrent and 4.5 Billion (63%) for development thus the state department for basic education had received the highest proportion of exchequer issues to revised development net estimated .I regard to all this information the report does not provide additional details to demonstrate how the money was spent. Thus it remains a challenge for the public to know exactly what the budget for the basic education was spent on as much as the budget was planned for is known.

Just like all government department this department together with the county government responsible for pre-primary school have their budget prepared in a Program Based. As expected its output should be clearly revised, including related indicators and targets so that they are more realistic and aligned to sub-program, they should have integrated data on children living with disability/special needs, age group and type of disability and their sex to understand how many girls and boys are there for planning but the government fails immensely.

Omission of data on enrollment in pre-primary schools which is a function of the county government whatsoever should not stop the state to provide this crucial information from being included to National Annual Education Sector Report.

Failure of attempts of getting copies of the reports for previous years to establish compliance with legal framework failed thus there’s need for the Civil Society to monitor education in Kenya.

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