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Why are kids blocking their parents on the social media platforms?

A total of 94% of teens go online daily. These teens have access to more than one social media platform; these are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These same kids also have a tendency of blocking their parents on social media platforms, a trend not only on kids but also on adults. Some of the questions we ask ourselves when we post, like or comment to anything online is what will our parents or ...
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Is it okay to post your Kids on social media?

Parents nowadays have no issue with posting their kids online. And this happens as soon as a the mother is expectant. We take it out for a photo shoot and with so much delight show off the baby bump. Back in the day a lady being pregnant was considered sacred. You would go for normal check-ups, visit a mid-wives, and perform some simple exercise. The baby bump was only revealed during check-ups, b...
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