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Ellyanne's Chats: Siddharth Chatterjee Pt.1

An Interview with UN Representative Siddharth Chatterjee on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Fight against Human Trafficking

Every year, on the 30th of July the world celebrates World Day against Trafficking in persons. In 2013, the UN General Assembly designated 30 July as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons and declared that it was necessary to observe such a day to “raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection...

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Was it a Mistake?

In 2018, the government took over the allocation of food to schools from World Feeding Programs (WFP). Kenya launched a Home-Grown School Meals programme in 2009 as a nationally-owned and Government-led programme and started giving hot meals to more than half a million children who were initially fed through WFP.

Home-Grown School meals are cash-based, meaning that schools receive a c...

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Two weeks on Boat or 8 hours on Plane?

If there is something that scares me right now is the vast change in weather patterns especially the beginning of 2019. It was dry longer than it usually is and as a country, Kenya, we experienced drought in various parts of the country. Both children and adults succumbed to famine and there was a lot of talk that arose from this because some leaders denied that the situation was not as serious...

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