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Natasha Chibesa Mwansa Youth Activist Zambia

Natasha Mwansa is a young vocal and bold girl from Zambia who has spoken in many local and international forums advocating for issues affecting girls and the youth. This video is an interview done during the African Girls Summit 2018 Accra, Ghana. She has received international recognition and appraisal including the recent standing ovation from world leaders and participants in the Women Deliver Conference 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Th e 18-yer-old talks of child marriage, female genital mutilation, safe spaces for the youth among others. Watch and share. Thank you.

What age is the right age?

Back in the day, when one owned a mobile phone an entire village would now. It was a privilege just to hold a mobile phone leave alone owning one and only a few had access to it. Lucky are those who came from a well-established background for they were the first ones to have access to mobile phones. The mobile phone was only for the adult and kids were not allowed even to touch it. But looking ...
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Kenyan Children pay the price for institution's disagreements

By now you are looking at the headline and may wonder what I am talking about. But take a pause and think about it, you will agree. In every situation between adults that involves children, the latter are affected more by the consequences of adult actions. Coming down to the story itself, Kenya has had plans since then Education CS Dr Fred Matiang’i to completely face out the 8-4-4 educat...
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Is Technology Taking over the Lives of Our Kids?

Technology has played a big role in changing the way our children learn, get entertained, how they interact with friends, it has impacted their level of creativeness, and how they behave in the society.

Today’s children are more involved with technology as compared to kids back in the day. Like any other thing, technology also has positive and negative impacts on our children an...

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