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Ellyanne's Chats: Siddharth Chatterjee Pt.1

An Interview with UN Representative Siddharth Chatterjee on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Nelson Mandela International Day or Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela’s  presidency began on 10 May 1994, when Nelson Mandela an anti apartheid  activist, lawyer, and former political prisoner, was introduced as president of South Africa and ended on 14 June 1999.

Nelson Mandela is considered by many to be the father of South Africa.  Mandela was an anti-Apartheid activist, which means that He fought for those who wer...

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Is it Too Early or Early Enough

In as much as we condemn technology and its effects on children, we also need to take time and appreciate it, so what are some of the effects of exposing your child to technology at an early stage?

Technology has changed the way we see almost everything in this century, I go online to check almost about everything, from how to cook to how to apply makeup. If I get stuck somewhere I kn...

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YSK National and Science Exhibition Awarding Ceremony

The journey has been exciting from the first day to the end. On August 6th, the 45 judges who were selected from various parts of the Country, were going through the exhibition one by one and it was the hope of every group to becoming the winners.

The winners of the national Young Scientists Kenya (YSK) competition were announced at a glittering awards ceremony at the KICC on August 7...

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