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Natasha Chibesa Mwansa Youth Activist Zambia

Natasha Mwansa is a young vocal and bold girl from Zambia who has spoken in many local and international forums advocating for issues affecting girls and the youth. This video is an interview done during the African Girls Summit 2018 Accra, Ghana. She has received international recognition and appraisal including the recent standing ovation from world leaders and participants in the Women Deliver Conference 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Th e 18-yer-old talks of child marriage, female genital mutilation, safe spaces for the youth among others. Watch and share. Thank you.

Is it okay to post your Kids on social media?

Parents nowadays have no issue with posting their kids online. And this happens as soon as a the mother is expectant. We take it out for a photo shoot and with so much delight show off the baby bump. Back in the day a lady being pregnant was considered sacred. You would go for normal check-ups, visit a mid-wives, and perform some simple exercise. The baby bump was only revealed during check-ups, b...
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State of the Class

Students from Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Sub-county, found themselves in a conceding situation after they reported in school only, to find their classroom flooded when the heaven’s opened causing a heavy down pour. With their hunger for education, they took position in a swampy class. As if all the dramatic situation was not plentiful, they had to sit on brick stones and carry on. ...
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