We believe information is power, hence we ensure that we develop and curate information on children to spark conversation that results to change.


Our child-focused news are based on  current affairs, events and stories regarding children, that is well researched, packaged and targeted . We put children at the center in researching, reading, and developing the video and audio version. In addition, we have a platform where they can wriite news from their perspectives and ask the important questions to decision makers. Our News reports. Documentaries and Features aim not only to inform our followers and subscribers but also to educate them on different issues on children.


Our documentaries are well researched stories on children from all over Africa. They aim to highlight different situations on children and be a reference point to decision making and policy development to spark converstaions to provide solutions.

Child based show program

"Work without play makes Jack a dull boy." We are fun too and that is why we have programs and features on entertainment where we feature children's talent from across Kenya and Africa.This shows engage children directly and indirectly, to increase child participation and children voices coverage.

Building media capacity

We believe that to achieve our goal of making children visible we need to work with others. Hence we work to build the capacity of actors in both mainstream and new media on child sensitive reporting, trends in children sector and their role in ending violence against children and improving child welfare.


We collaborate with different child focused organizations to hold online and offline campaigns on children matters. We focus on different topics that affect children, especially on the fight to end violence against children and achievement of SDGs . We will continue to plug in different global and local campaigns.

Fact check

To ensure credible and factual information on children, we fact check both mainstream and new media to ensure that they are reporting accurate and factual information regarding children.

Conducting Researchon the different interaction between children and media both mainstream and new media. Disseminate research on children using consumer friendly methods including short video, GIFs, info graphics and posters.