Unequal Lens of the African Child

‘Children are an integral part of our society. They are the foundations of future generations. Corruption is one of the greatest evils of our time, it deprives our young citizens of the opportunity to develop meaningful livelihoods,’ says H.E. Muhamud Buhari, President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private/self-interest. Corruption is pervasive and one of the biggest barriers to Africa’s development and the full realization of children’s rights.

Children bear the unequal burden of discriminatory effects of corruption due to their reliance on public services and reduced capacity to challenge corrupt practices.

According to the Constitution and children’s Act, every child has a right to quality basic education and the best universal health coverage. It is the duty of every state to ensure that children of the nation are able to access all these in an affordable manner.

Corruption has been eating our children either directly or indirectly. There are many forms of corruption that affect children on their day to day activities. As we talk about corruption in the education sector then this will highly address the biased treatment children receive especially from where they come from, their social status, their geographical location and the level of literacy in the family.

Kenya has been at the forefront and supportive towards every child accessing basic education but what has been eating us is the private sector that tends to blossom their business through investing in private schools for profit.

Business is not bad if we tend to offer quality education to our children rather than being money oriented, opportunistic by opening numerous schools that don’t help children but instead rob them of their future.

Most parents want the best for their children’s future and they will go to extra miles to find the best schools for them. But it is absurd to even before a child is enrolled one has to pay almost up to Ksh.20, 000 for registration.

Yes! we understand that we don’t all come from the same social class but it will only be fair for the government to intervene and subside the cost parents incur to get their children to schools as well as allow the other child whose parents cannot afford all that, to at least have an opportunity to experience the same if public school don’t work best for them.

Why do we’ve more private schools in Kenya than the public especially in Nairobi County?

Nairobi has at least 1000 private schools and 200 public schools. Why is this so? Perhaps, is the quality of education offered at the public schools is wanting? Are there really adequate resources for children to be knowledgeable? How is the infrastructure in our schools? Are there enough teachers? Is the number of students’ standard or is it that which overwhelms and burdens the teacher?

In most schools, they don’t have adequate teachers and the number of students is worrying by which the government should have catered for to ensure smooth learning. Teachers should be deployed to those areas since we’ve trained teachers who’re still unemployed rather than troubling parents to fund towards employment of teachers in public schools.

It is alarming how education is becoming exorbitant and straining parents’ pockets yet, we say our administration has implemented free basic education. We need to come up with a strategy on how we’re going to make education accessible and affordable to all children without being subjective.

We need a Kenya that will allow its children to flourish and mushroom as they grow to be potential investors of our nation rather than streamlining their future with the quantity of knowledge they get from school.

It’s our collective duty to warrant that, we give the best to our children for us to have a secure future by making informed decisions that will be valuable to us in Africa and the world.

We need redemption to fight this gigantic monster that’s eating us called corruption which seems to touch every region in our continent. The only people who can convey salvation to us is ourselves by ensuring we've got a dependent, transparent, trustworthy and time conscious justice system that will hold each party accountable for any corrupt measures that will or wrecks the lives of children.

We’ve started fading as adults and we can only make it right, if only we hold hands and be one towards anti-corrupt measures. Let us try to give our children the best we can offer before we’re immovable. Let’s all stand tall and fight corruption not only in Kenya but in Africa.

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