Is Technology Taking over the Lives of Our Kids?

Technology has played a big role in changing the way our children learn, get entertained, how they interact with friends, it has impacted their level of creativeness, and how they behave in the society.

Today’s children are more involved with technology as compared to kids back in the day. Like any other thing, technology also has positive and negative impacts on our children and even adults. As much as technology has changed the way our kids learn, it has also affected their ability to learn and have real entertainment with their friends.

Many kids have become victims of internet predators and others have become video game addicts, which leaves them with no time to interact with other children and this has resulted in increased cases of loneliness and depression among children.

The most common technologies used by children include: Video games, Smartphones, Television, Computers, Tablets, Internet, social networks, chatting services, calculators and much more.

Some of the effects of technology on kids include:

Screen time can make a kid fat : Children who spend more time in front of a screen often spend less time exercising and such children tend to eat a lot snacks which deposit fat in their bodies. This exposure to fats often leads to Obesity. In this case parents should create some kind of schedule to ensure in as much as their kids are watching or playing video games they are also exercising.

 Weakens the relationship between kids and their parents: Since most parents have less time with their children because they have to work, kids have replaced their parents with technology. Dad or Mom comes back late from work and they are tired. So at the end of the day, the child will find comfort online. As a parents spend more time with your kids and also try and create a strong bond with your kids, once your child starts sharing confidential information with strangers then you need to be worried.

Persuasive ads online expose them to risks: Kids who use the internet often are exposed to persuasive ads which might entice them to engage in some risky behaviors. Risk behaviors like drug use, drinking, unprotected sex are promoted on such sites, so a kid will think that what they see is good for their lives since others are doing it. Be keen on your child’s behavior online and offline. Kids tend to do what they see.

Poor social skills: Many kids are spending most of their time online, the more time they spend using these technologies, the more time they spend alone. So they get little time to socialize with their peers. If a child has poor social skills, they will find it hard to deal with people when they grow up and this can be harmful to their lives and careers in the long run. People who are not social find it hard to mix with society. Take your kids out to play once in a while and let them get exposed to the outside world.

Technology can be used for the greater good if used appropriately. In this new century being online seems like the new fame and kids are fast adopting to this new norm. It is not bad to give children technological tools like ipads, video games, computers, but it is the role of parents to guide them on how to use this technology and also set limits on when to use specific technological tools.

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