Celebrating 30 years of The rights of the child

Every right for every child, it’s been 30 years since the introduction of the rights of the children, 30 years of children enjoying their rights, but still we have a long way to ensure that every child out there gets a taste of their rights. child rights are their safety on paper, but are they really safe?

It’s been years since the tragedy of child trafficking started, years of listening to children cries on exploitation, them being exploited when there are child rights out there. Children not getting proper education in the 21st century because of not being able to pay school fees, children being exploited into domestic labor, this is where by children are forced or recruited to do domestic work in exchange of low pay rates or no pay rates at all, first let’s not get into the paying rates, the question is, why should children work? Why should a person work when he/she is underage? And this is so common in Kenya, mostly Mombasa and Nairobi, children are internal trafficked from rural areas to urban areas where they are recruited to big houses where they do domestic work for at most at 70 or 80 dollars a month. Most of these children are class 8 dropouts unable to continue with their studies because of financial crisis.

Another thing is where children are sexually exploited, this is when a younger girl or a way younger boy is recruited and then groomed for sexual purposes, you may see a lot of underage girls in brothels or working as prostitutes, this is at most raping her. A girl child at the age of 16-17 is being exposed to the adult world, to the dangerous world of drugs and sex. Beaches in Mombasa tend to be attraction sites for sexually exploiting children, where a young girl goes with a mzungu old man and young boys get it on with an old mzungu woman. The residence there have normalized this ridiculous and outrageous thing, seeing it as a daily life routine.

Street children are not Always kids who are orphaned or abandoned, some are trafficked into the country and used as begging tools, or other times you may see kids doing acrobats or showcasing their talents in the streets of Nairobi Kenya, ask yourself one question, why are those kids not in school? While they are as young as your siblings or you daughters and sons who are still in primary school.

We as residence, we as citizens can change the world if we cared, we as humans can stop the exploitation of our children, a child is not a way over from poverty to wealth, let’s stop using our children for money or for our own benefits. We should ensure that children all over the world gets to taste the fruits of enjoying their own rights. Together we could make this world a living heaven of our children. Because, EVERY RIGHT FOR EVERY CHILD.

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