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Stop Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Technology could have been the best thing that happened in the world but with time we've seen that there are several challenges that come with.One of them is online sexual exploitation which refers to the the act of exploitative nature carried out against child when they are connected online.It includes use of ICT that results in sexual exploitation or cause a child to be sexually exploited and involves sharing of images and videos or written content online .

It is sad indeed how some people in the society take advantage of the technology and find a loop hole to lure and exploit children online .It is shameful that these action are taking place as we watch yet we stand a chance to stop this negative attitude from the word go.

Let children be children and allow them to grow up in a positive clean environment filled with positive energy .However ,Kenya is in a big mess as online sexual exploitation of a child  has risen and we should watch out before it escalates further and gets out of hand.eg.(video that was produced in Kenya involving two children and shared to abroad clients)

At a meeting with child line Kenya,they are working tooth and nail to ensure that our children are leaving in a cyber child safety environment and discarding negative connotation of how people are trying to misuse and use children in inappropriate manner.They did launch this project so as to put an end to online child sexual exploitation.

Findings are that children engage in these act due to poverty and economic inequality where 42% of the people in Kenya live below the poverty level, lack of protective and supportive home environment ,cultural norms which tolerate negative cultural practices.Inadequate action from the government and private sectors  and limited resources .

ICT connectivity and mobile phone penetration is one of the causes where in 2017 ,there was 88% growth and 6.1 million Kenyans on Facebook and 10 million on WhatsApp on which access to internet is becoming more and more cheaper in Kenya.

This dark side of the internet for children has led to circumstance where children are forced to unimaginable exploitative acts that are diminishing their dignity.However in trying to find solutions there are challenges where by no one is  or there is limited people who are able to speak out about these sexual activities ,the sensitivity of sexual exploitation is limited to primary data which is in small size,Online child sexual Exploitation is new to most people thus lack of awareness and also secondary data is not readily available.

With the knowledge of the existence of this issue we are trying to find possible solutions where we can end issue and allow our children to grow up in a clean environment free from exploitation.

plan has been set out where I the project initiated is will begin from areas that have highly been affected by online child sexual exploitation i.e Mombasa ,Kilifi, Kwale and Nairobi and this is due to the availability of high speed internet connectivity ,urban and  hubs.

The possibility of solving this issue is by creating awareness to children as the main target audience ,parents ,teachers and the community at large.Involving law enforcement and authority by giving them heads on how to come about such an issue.

I believe we can crack this if only we join our hand s together to fight online child sexual exploitation.Children have a choice and the choice is freedom from sexual exploitation .Do your part and save our children.

  • By Constance Ndeleko
  • 2019-07-31
  • Children and Technology
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