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State of the Class

Students from Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Sub-county, found themselves in a conceding situation after they reported in school only, to find their classroom flooded when the heaven’s opened causing a heavy down pour. With their hunger for education, they took position in a swampy class. As if all the dramatic situation was not plentiful, they had to sit on brick stones and carry on. Vividly, the class had no desk nevertheless it was a muddy floor and flooded. This whole incident is but disturbing and deplorable. Kilifi County Government, passed a Sh.13 billion budget estimate for financial year 2018/19. The County Division for Education was estimated at 1,047,445,610 (7.6%) but what is still shocking is why do these children have to suffer in the hands of their own governments? At least, they deserve better infrastructure to sustain them in school for better and quality education. Well, how do we expect these children to excel and reach their full potential in this condition? Someone is or should be sleeping on their job, if we can have such happenings with a county government having been allocated such figures. It is not acceptable to have children suffer and stand the danger of being exposed to diseases. We say, Children’s mind are the future which is tomorrow but how can the future be bright if they don’t have the right infrastructure? More so facilities such as classrooms that are NOT conducive for learning? What happened to the Big Four Agenda where education has been termed as an enabler? What kind of a society are we to our children, if they cannot get favorable environment to ensure they sit in class comfortably and learn? It is time we take the initiative to source good and secure environments for our children. Mother Nature sometimes comes unexpectedly but we should know better and prepare in time to ensure we don’t endanger our children. If the education division was allocated about 7.4 % during the county budget allocation for this fiscal year, why should we have our children suffer? Where is the money and why do we still have classrooms in that state? What is the government doing to ensure that school infrastructures are in good condition? A classroom marooned with flood water is dangerous to a child. I can only image the state outside. This could easily enhance chances of an outbreak of water-borne diseases. We need children to be safe and protected.
  • By Constance Ndeleko
  • 2019-05-09
  • Features
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