Children and Sports

Hey guys, welcome back to children in sports. On our last blog, we talked about the benefits of children engaging in sports and we mentioned two benefits which are improving self- defense and teamwork. Self-defense is the countermeasure one takes to protect oneself for the purpose of their well-being, some of the sports that can help in self-defense include boxing, judo, and karate. Teamwork is the combined effort that involves two or more people working together to achieve a certain goal, one of the sports that help to improve teamwork is soccer,

Today we are going to talk about three more benefits which include; Discipline, Health, and self-confidence.

Discipline; the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. Sports is the leading activity when it comes to having discipline. Discipline is key when it comes to sports; student usually follows the words and instruction from their coaches, captain and also their team-mates. Every sporting activity has moderators or in other words, referees whose words are always final and must be followed,

The discipline achieved in the fields is usually seen during learning activities, where you find students following rules and regulations set by the school board and also respecting their seniors, that is from the teachers, prefects, school staff and also fellow students.

Health; This is usually a person's mental or physical condition. Sports and health go hand in hand. Most people join a sporting activity to help them overcome health crisis like obesity which has become a real issue in recent times. Obesity which is excessive accumulation Fat and presents a risk to health.

In 2018, a report done shows that almost 30% of People in the World Are Obese or Overweight. The global obesity epidemic continues, and a new report shows that about two billion people worldwide are overweight or obese. That's about 30% of the world's population.

Frequent engagement in exercise helps in burning calories in the body thus reducing the chances of obesity. Aside from obesity, sports help in general fitness of the body and immunize you from contracting common sickness like catching a cold. It also enhances a child’s growth and development as well as their well-being for them to reach their potential.

Self-confidence/esteem; some sporting competitions are usually tough and mentally challenging and when you win, the level of confidence increases and thus helps you dealing with other non-related sporting activity e.g. school work, public speaking, interviews etc.

A word of encouragement from the coaches and parents motivates children and always boost their esteem, reports indicate that motivated students tend to do well in school work and exams.

Sports allow children to understand and realize their strengths as well as their talents. It gives them a platform to express themselves and create new relationships. It gives them an opportunity to learn and improve their ability. Let’s allow our children to be active and realize their potential.

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