Stiff Action needed against Child Sex Offenders Parading on Social Media

Internet broke loose yesterday night after screenshots displaying how an alleged paedophile has been having violating minors went viral.

According to his Facebook profile, the young man by the username Bakibaki Henga believed to be in his mid-twenties ironically studied Criminology at Pwani University and works at Wells Fargo.

 Screenshot_2018-08-20-00-57-54                                                   Screenshot_2018-08-20-00-58-06

The post captured by an angry netizen ignited debates among social media users and organizations against child abuse going straight for his neck and calling for action by authorities particularly the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Children have for long been used as easy baits by paedophiles because of either being looked at as in defensive and unempowered to stand up for themselves. “Henga’s” latest victims, a form 2 student and a primary school girl, were posted on his account with disturbing caption.

Screenshot_2018-08-20-00-57-40                                      Screenshot_2018-08-20-00-57-46

In May 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Bill that states stiff penalties on child pornography attracting a fine not exceeding twenty million or jail term not exceeding twenty years or both.

The above case qualifies as a violation of the Children Act in the Constitution of Kenya as it has been stated in the same in part III of protection from child abuse; every child is entitled to protection from physical, psychological, sexual, neglect and any other form of exploitation including sale, trafficking or abduction by any person.

The two girls in the above photos clearly by the looks are nowhere above 18 years and therefore are not cleared to give sexual consent according Ages of Consent in Africa- Kenya.

In November 2017, another pedophile by the username Donald Njiru Njaga used Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored Facebook page to share his two cents on how he pictures getting hold of little girls. It seems that as time goes, perpetrators become comfortable parading their God-forbidden bad behaviors against innocent children.


Such kinds of crimes SHOULD not be tolerated in whatsoever level it might be. Sex without consent is a violation of an individuals right. Proper and stiff actions should be taken by the authorities and citizens fore-fronting child protection. This man and any other individual or persons found violating children and even adults should be put behind bars.



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