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The Unsung Heroes of Fight to End Violence Against Women and Children Hero Number 2: Duncan Ondimu, Senior Prosecutor.

By Carol Mtai

Sometimes there is only time for quick congratulations and then the warrior is off to fight another battle. The number of hours they put into the case will not be apparent on the face of the report that eventually comes out, you will hear nothing of the police officers that investigated the cases and ensured they were well prepared for court.

Some cases are particularly sickening but the silent warriors stay focused. The case shared today was prosecuted by Duncan Ondimu, a very passionate and dedicated prosecutor that has sent bad guy after bad guy to jail. Just like many other prosecutors, he has a soft spot for victims of all forms of violence and will not relent until the perpetrator is behind bars and the keys thrown away. He also prosecuted the South Sudanese Paedophile and The Githurai 44 matatu strip case. Both cases resulted in life sentences for the perpetrators.

Duncan Ondimu, a Senior Prosecutor from Kenya handled a case where a Paraplegic US pedophile, 59, was jailed for 50 years in Kenya after pleading guilty to child porn distribution.

An American man Terry Ray Krieger, 59, accused of sexually abusing Kenyan children and circulating the images on the internet will now spend time behind bars after being sentenced to 50 years in jail.


PHOTO://COURTESY Guilty: Krieger, who was arrested in Kenya in October, was charged with one count of circulating obscene publications depicting images of a child in contravention of Section 16(1)(a) of the Sexual Offences Act, 2006

Krieger was arrested in October after Interpol tipped off Kenyan police about an Internet user in the country who went by the alias ‘Babytoddler123′ and was making and distributing pedophile material for overseas users. His arrest came after Interpol investigations in Germany and the United States.

Krieger, from the state of Michigan, had initially denied the charges but then changed his plea to guilty in November 2014.

His victims were aged between three and 10 and are from the area where Krieger lived in Olepolos in Ngong, Kajiado County, according to Daily Nation. ‘Children occupy a special place in society and their rights must be protected,’ Nairobi Magistrate Joseph Karanja told the court.

The accused has robbed young children of their innocence and it is disturbing that these despicable acts have been going on undetected,’ he said, dismissing the wheelchair-bound Krieger’s contention that he was a paraplegic and should be shown some leniency. Krieger allegedly exchanged 36 files between December 7, 2013 and May 18, 2014.He would use online media platforms GigaTribe, Yahoo Chat and Skype to send the images.

Krieger was also identified as a repeat offender, having been convicted in 1992 in the United States for criminal sexual conduct with an under 13, for which he served three years in prison. He was released in 1995. The minimum sentence under Kenyan law is six years, but the judge ruled Krieger should face a maximum possible term of 50 years.

Duncan Ondimu has been practising law for close to ten years and he had this to say”Service to public is key. Seeing happiness in the community is key to me being a prosecutor. There have been a number of highlights but the Terry Kriegler paedophile case and the Githurai stripping case, standout.One of my motivating factor has been Justice Monica Mugenyi (current Principal Judge at East Africa Court of Justice) encouraged me to make a switch from defence Counsel to being a prosecutor.Violence against women and children must be dealt with expeditiously. Protection of victims is key during the entire criminal process.”



Carol Mtai is prosecutor who focuses on children cases, Mtai is passionate about reforms in the juvenile justice system and is working to ensure children in the system are treated with dignity and in there best interest.

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