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The Voice of a Child is Worth the Power

By Kevin Anyonge

Wajir County found in the Northern Part of Kenya has made strides since the inception of devolution of government.it can now boost about service delivery to its people. The county has a population estimation of 661,941 people and it covers an area of 55,840.6 km².

An area associated with pastoralist’s community who frequently move from one location to another. Touring Wajir County you can acknowledge they have a milestone in development.

Wajir county budget was analyzed on how allocations are done to ‘child sensitive sectors’ of education, health, nutrition, child participation among many others.

The launch of the Public Investment in Child friendly budget as well as the launch of the children charter, took place at Wajir Palace hotel on 2nd November 2017.The event was graced by the deputy governor H.E Ahmed Muktar.


In attendance were the representatives from the Wajir County Children Assembly who expressed their views issues and challenges that affect their daily lives. The assembly main aim was to maximize the participation of children and students in the decision making process and contribution to build society and to fight with ethnicity, nepotism, corruption and other movements that undermine democracy and to find new best practices for children in the learning, social participation and voicing their in order to provide them with a sense of control and security in the future.

Wajir County is among the few counties that have consistently allocated well above the 30% minimum to development expenditures as required as required in the Public Finance Management Act (2012).This county government heavily depends on the equitable share from the national government as opposed to any other source of revenue. This equitable share accounts for more than 94% of the total revenue collected annually for the past four financial years, collection from local revenue was below 3% during the same period.

Different Organizations in a past card campaign aimed at collecting views from children from more than thirty counties across the country for the counties children’s charter. The views are to be used to inform the development of county Integrated Development Plans at the sub-national level and the medium term expenditure framework at the national level.

Children expressed their views of being a Kenyan citizen, their concerns and expectations from the governments both at the national and county levels.


Leaders present urged for child participation in making decisions that involve children and other counties to emulate what Wajir County has done by allocating a budget for children to empower them in leadership and decision making as a process that will make them grow.


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Kevin Anyonge is Producer and Writer with Mtoto News.

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