What Adults can learn from Children Leaders

By Kevin Anyonge


children 1PHOTO: //Raphael Masinde- Children’s Government leaders during the swearing ceremony at Nairobi Primary School.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader in the words of Margaret Muller one of the most motivational educational quote used to encourage our children about the importance of learning as well as having Leadership skills.

The fourth Annual National Children’s Government Congress took place at Nairobi Primary School which saw children from forty six counties converge together in Nairobi County to nominate and elect their leaders to form their next government of 2017/2018, a one week congress that place from Monday 19th June 2017 to 23 Friday June 2017.Mandera county missed this congress because of some challenges according to Mr. Philip Mitei the Chair of Children’s Government.

The Congress was guided by the theme “Accelerating Protection, Empowerment and Equal Opportunities for Children in Kenya by 2030’’ and supported by seven point objectives that were;

  • Unite Pupils nationwide through Peaceful, fair and transparent elections that bring the principles of democracy to the school level and promote responsible citizenship.
  • Equip pupils with skills and knowledge in leadership, innovation and effective governance to become future leaders today.
  • Empower children to contribute to national education policy through child-friendly schools initiative.
  • Build lasting friendships across culture, tribe, ethnicity, gender, religion and different backgrounds to encourage national unity.
  • Elect the 2017 National Children’s Government Officials.
  • Innovate and Co-design with children to identify the role of children’s governments in making all schools-child-friendly.
  • Promote children’s rights nationwide by partnering with champion corporate, public and media partners to advance the agenda of quality education for all.


The above seven point objective acted as a pillar to the children during and after the congress for them to develop education and leadership wise. The event Organized by Kenya Primary Schools Head teachers Association (KEPSHA) among other stakeholders was a success as the whole process moved on with ease with no obstacles.


The National Chairman, KEPSHA, Mr.Shem Ndolo said “The purpose of bringing them (children) on board is to unite all Kenyan children, to equip them with skills and knowledge which will be relevant to our education system and above all. We are nurturing them, so that they have what we call permanent friendship all over the country’’


The children’s government election was presided and overseen by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) . There were various Observers all the way from campaign, nominations and voting of ten elected representatives.

children 2

PHOTO: Children casting their Vote as Guided by IEBC official at Nairobi Primary School

The Ten elected representatives to the children’s government 2017/2018 were as follows:

  1. Chair- Rugayya Omar
  2. Deputy Chair-Elizabeth Swai
  3. Speaker- Noor Abdirahman
  4. Deputy Speaker-Lauryn Mwendwa
  5. Secretary of Education-Nuriah Mohammed
  6. Secretary of Sports and Culture-Mark Ouko
  7. Secretary of Justice, Peace and Cohesion-Hope Millicent
  8. Secretary of Environment, Health and Sanitation-Abdullahi Mohamed
  9. Secretary of Children’s Welfare and Special Needs-Eveline Awino
  10. Secretary of ICT and External Relations-Zahra Sajjid

 children 3

PHOTO: Children’s Government Leaders during a photo session. The numbers are in order as their positions named above.

In an interview with Mtoto News the Children’s government President Rugayya Omar urged those children who did not manage to attend the congress as all could not make it only a few were selected from county and sub-county level to represent them in Nairobi by Saying that “As children I would like them to unite and practice in other activities so that we could make Kenya develop faster and also encourage their parents to clean our environment so that we could have fresh air and clean water’’

In addition she had a message to our Kenyan Leaders regarding corruption, violence and election towards children “Actually when the corruption is being practiced, we as children are the one who are affected most as the people are trying to take over their seats, we as children are just sitting on the streets watching how it is done, others are killed, others are even thrown out. So this makes the population of children to go down.’’

She further urged our national leaders to emulate the children election during the forthcoming election of August by conducting a free and fair election, maintaining peace since it’s the same IEBC that will preside over the election as it were for the Children’s Government.

children 4

PHOTO: Children during the Final Day of the 4th Annual National Children’s Government Congress at Nairobi Primary School.

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