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Childhood On A Thread

The number of children forced from home due to conflict, famine and natural disasters is high in Kenya. Many children lack the most basic resources or even a means to ask for help. At the same time the prejudice against them is on the rise too. To call attention and generate empathy for these children in need, their voice needs to be heard. The Day of the African Child 2019, was commemorated on the theme: “Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children Rights First,”

Children Living in Street Census

Social and Protection Amb. Cs. Ukuru Yattani will be leading an outreach team from its ministries...

Constance Ndeleko
Unequal Lens of the African Child

‘Children are an integral part of our society. They are the foundations of future generatio...

Constance Ndeleko
Quenching the thirst of education in African Children

The guiding principles on human rights obligations of states to provide public education and to r...

Constance Ndeleko
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