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Who We Are

Mtoto News is a digital platform on news information and resources on children,established in February 2017 and registered by the office the attorney general, Mtoto News was born out of a need to fill a gap of lack of platform that is dedicated in reporting children issues and giving children a platform to voice their concern
We aim at making significant change in the lives of children by making them visible in political, cooperate, economic, social and development discourse. We are leveraging on new and old media to reach and connect policy makers, project implementers and children.
Our online platforms and communities are designed to trigger conversations on children and come up with solutions, within the shortest time possible. Best Interest of the Child and Child Participation are at the core of our business, hence we ensure to bring in Children voices in every conversation.


Children constitute 30% of the total world population; the number goes up in developing countries to over 50%.  However children issues are rarely covered in mainstream media and in case they get reported it is never as headline. This has resulted children being left out in important discussions in development, social, political and cooperate word. In addition children are rarely given an opportunity to express themselves.
Mtoto News was established in February, 2017 to fill this gap. Mtoto News mission is to make children visible by ensuring they are not left out in the political, development, social and cooperate discourse. We are motivated by knowing that if the issues of children are known it will lead to action for change of policy, interventions and programs.
Furthermore, it is estimated 3 out 5 children are online with most new media networks allowing children as young as 13 to own a profile, this coupled with an increasing number of people using new media to access information and resources. Hence Mtoto News identified new media as a tool that can be used to make children visible.



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