Child Online Safety a priority by UK PM Theresa May

The long awaited trip to Kenya by UK British Prime Minister Theresa May will be of great benefit to the Kenyan economy as UK will be building a cyber center in Nairobi to help local authorities in the move to stop online child abuse. This will easen efforts to identify potential victims and access data from tech firms to catch offenders.


“Online child exploitation is an abhorrent crime and we are determined to ensure there is no place to hide for predators who use the internet to share images of abuse across borders, too often with impunity,” PM May.


May’s arrival today in the country is the first since her coming to power in 2016 and she makes the first British PM to visit the country since Margaret Thatcher in 1988. She is expected to hold talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta and also meet the British soldiers currently training Kenyan troops for the fight against Islamic militant group Al-Shabab in Somalia.


This cyber crime center is a pillar in helping Kenya fight violence against women and girls. This center will be directly linked with the existing anti-human trafficking and Child protection unit, with setup from the UK’s National Crime Agency.


This child unit has so far offered protection to more than 400 children since its establishment in 2016 and helped convict British paedophiles in Kenya.


The controversial Cyber Crime law in Kenya states stiff penalties on child pornography attracting a fine not exceeding twenty million or jail term not exceeding twenty years or both. Children Act in the Constitution of Kenya as it has been stated in the same in part III of protection from child abuse; every child is entitled to protection from physical, psychological, sexual, neglect and any other form of exploitation including sale, trafficking or abduction by any person.


Therefore, we hope to see tangible work from the government as we all move together to protect our children and ensuring that they are safe from exploitation and potential online abusers.





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