By Constance Ndeleko
Children don’t start wars or conflicts but they can be used as agents to initiate conflict or used to work alongside as child soldiers so as to facilitate resources needed to finace hostility and some are caught up in conflict which they had nothing to do with yet they are the vulnerable ones in this state.

The outcomes of conflict generates variety of challenges for children such; forced to live in streets ,working and begging for money ,abuse of substances as means of escaping cold and hunger which pervade their lives.Children in armed conflict tend to miss out a lot and mostly affected and left out.we need to invest in them and ensure that they are safe guarded.

Conflict tend to emerge with with various challenges and problems and children are the ones who are majorly affected by it, whereby some loose families, physically, mentally,emotionally disturbed ,large numbers of them drop out of school,some are sexually abused ,victims may not get adequate health care and due to economic restrains they are then impoverished and it becomes a major problem.
Conflict in any state has a lot and wider implications towards children and the society at large and without adequate support these children will languish and disappear in thin air if we won’t keep up with finding relevant solutions to assist them up on their foot then we are bound to have an everlasting problem that we can amend and resolve now.
There is need and importance of education for children in conflict zone who have been forced from their homes by conflict and disaster.Failure to provide learning opportunities for uprooted children has profound consequences for individuals and the nation.
Lack of proper health care, sanitation and nutrition, mental health status, will deteriorate productivity and functions of their body system.Children need all these essentials to ensure that they grow in the best environment they can have.
Refugee are five times more likely to be out of school than other children only 50% of refugee children are enrolled in primary school only ,adolescent girls on move face unique risk where girls are more likely to become victims of sexual and gender based violence .countries affected by conflict girls are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school than boys.(UNICEF)
Children in armed conflict need to be looked after thouroughly regardless of what ever the status .The government in partnership with the civil society ,partners and the community at large should work hand in to ensure the rights and needs of children are met.

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