New Education Curriculum already Failing Students

Anywhere students are making headlines, it becomes my problem and duty to vet and analyze the topic and see how we can contribute to make a way forward.

34 students from Nasokol Secondary School in West Pokot camped at Kitale show ground on basis that the school administration sent them away for fees.

The Form One and Form Three students are reported to have been enrolled in the school through a scholarship programme for their good skills in sports as agreed by the former principal.

According to one of the students, the new principal has been trying to “get rid of” skilled football players who are under performing in academics.

First things first, the new curriculum advocates for a more practical program for students to encourage sports and art than just having learners sit in class which is very boring at times if you ask me.


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According to some parents of the footballers camping at the show ground, some teachers went to the extent of looking for these girls before completing primary education while others were poached from other schools to come and play for the school on terms that their fees will be covered in the scholarship program.

Secondly, as the parents narrated to a local media station, they were summoned to school at eight in the morning but none of the stuff talked to them until about six in the evening. This to me sounds very shady and so unprofessional of the stuff and more so the head of school. This to me sounds like neglect because parents are equally important members of the school fraternity especially considering that some of them traveled from far to come pick their children yet they have to wait endlessly for formal communication.

We came to the school in the morning but it is until in the evening that the deputy principal informed us that we had to pay the school fees or else we should take our children to other schools,” said Mr Thomas Wabomba, a parent from Kakamega.

The same thing I remember happened early this year during the rape incident at Moi Girls High School where it was alleged that parents learned of the incident through media and the administration was reluctant to address the stressed guardians even after gaining access to the school compound. I think administrators should exercise mutual respect for parents in that communication has a flow to keep parents in the loop than shutting them out.

I remember back in high school, the same things transpired. It is like a pattern that never ends, probably due to the usual says of negligence or assumptions that students are faking sickness to get permission to go home. I have never forgotten one incident when one of my classmates fell ill and the matron said she was exaggerating until she passed out and had to be taken to the hospital like for real and it turned out to a big case after the parents came to learn of what happened that night.

So, for the unavailable head teacher to leave the parents with students cluelessly wondering what to do until 6pm, it was unfair. A Good Samaritan ferried the group to Kitale after finding them stranded outside the gate due to lack of bus fare.

Heads of schools should always remember that not all parents live next to the school and they will need to go back to those distant homes and therefore time, should be a key factor.

As for these 34 students, they should know that being chased away from school is not the end of education because talents have taken people to places. However, the administration should have sort out a better approach to solve this matter instead of keeping children out in the cold.


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