No fences, Make A Difference Today

By Constance Ndeleko

As I wait to board the plane, I a caught a glimpse of some children anxiously waiting on the other of side of the fence for the plane to take off. I guess this did happen to most of us while we were kids and singing along NDEGE! NDEGE! Even though it was kilometers away from the ground. This was a dream one day and it is still a dream to many children who are still growing.

Sad as it is that, not every child growing up with these dream will come true for them but at least as a society we have resources and ability to ensure every child’s dream is fulfilled despite social status. We have to stand strong for them to make these dreams a reality by allowing them the chance to present, speak out, research on innovative ideas that can be merged into reality and bring about transformation.

Young minds with incredible ideas need to be guided and trained in the right manner to ensure that they fulfill these big dreams. The government introduced a new curriculum that is used to ensure that children get to balance studies and other life changes they experience to allow in diversity, growth and development of the mind.

This system allows children to be children and learn at their own pace thus, enabling them to be civilized, engaged, empowered and ethical. On these children are given the first priority. I know you are wondering why I am revisiting this topic but it is for the better part of our children’s growth and understanding which is a basic need for their growth.

Understanding yourself from a tender age will give you a different perspective of how you view the world or society and gives you are reason to work towards positive change and giving life a meaning also. This is empowering young minds to have diversity, free thoughts of how they can re-build the world around them in case it came down stumbling.

It is a chance given to them to ensure that they speak out of the most incredible ideas they tend to have as they are trained and guided towards achieving the intended meaning. Without us these children’s dreams will be crushed and may never be full filled.

Consent children to go out for training exhibitions, forums, symposiums, sports and games, talent shows to nature their ability in talent. This tends to open up, broaden their minds and enlightens them on how to focus and resolve some issue in life from a very early age.

Let’s all come in and support the government as it has supported its children in moving towards the right direction. May this opportunity be an eye opener to all of us as we listen to our children and instruct them accordingly. It is a chance to modify Kenya and Africa. We’ve to make a difference today for a contented tomorrow.



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