Numbers increase as Fresh cases of Female Genital Mutilation on the rise in Somalia and Burkina Farso

Two sisters in Somalia succumbed to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) wounds after they were forced to undergo the procedure by their family on September 11 2018.

The 11 and 10 year-old sisters died a day after they were subjected to the cut in Arawda village in Puntland State.

According to a campaigner against FGM Hawa Aden Mohammed, Khadijo and Aasiyo Abdi Warsame respectively, were cut the same day by a local circumciser after which they were are said to have bled for a complete 24 hours and died on the way to a health center.

Now, this case comes two months since Deeqa Dahir died after forceful and extreme form of FGM assented by her father leading to Somalia’s government vow to fight FGM which is ILLEGAL in the country through landmark prosecution.

According to United Nations statistics, 98% of women in Somalia between the ages of 15 and 49 have been cut which is the highest rate recorded in the world.

Ms Mohammed who is an FGM survivor emphasizes that the government of Somalia should pass anti-female genital mutilation laws as most girls suffer the penalties of this practice.

As this happened, two 60 year-old women and parents have been arrested in Burkina Farso after 50 girls were hospitalized following a failed circumcision procedure today.

Yes. You heard me right. 50 GIRLS!!! And just like that these young lasses were subjected to custom practices and now they have to fight for their precious lives to survive this horrendous nightmare that most certainly wish never to wake up to.

FGM in Burkina Farso has been illegal since 1996 and about three quarters of women and girls have undergone circumcision despite a 9% in favor of the practice (According to UN children agency UNICEF). Minister of Women’s Affairs Laurence Marshall Ilboudo said that some of the girls are as young as four years-old while a number of girls who underwent the cut between 4 and 6 September in North Ouagadougou have not been traced.

As much as this harmful practice has been internationally condemned and recognized as a violation of human rights, more than half of Somalia’s population believe it should be COMPLETELY BANNED.





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