By Constance Ndeleko

We don’t call them care givers but they are Teachers trained professionally to impact knowledge to our children however, they deserve utmost respect from us all. They deserve a better pay, better environment, a better employer and also a better support system to ensure they give their all to these young minds that hold the future in their hands.

According to the Kenyan Constitution Art.53(1) b states that every child has a right to free compulsory basic education and it is upon us the society to ensure they get it right from the word go. Thus, Early Childhood Development Education is of great impact to every child hence we should build them a strong foundation to support and enhance their knowledge.

With the new curriculum at hand it is the perfect time to initiate programs that will spearhead growth and development to our children day to day lives. Without adequate support from us then we tend to fail these children in achieving set goals.

On this day particular day, it was important for ECDE teachers to convey in Nairobi County for a conference that would have a pertinent impact in our nation and the society at large. There were remarks made that would lead us to a progressive step rather than a stunt growth.

“It is of importance for teacher to buy books from accredited publishers which will tend to intensify, engage and involve children with ECDE teachers. We will involve ECDE teachers in decision making to understand needs and quality of education needed by students,” says Chairman of the Kenyan Publisher Association Lawrence Muchagi.

Stability of ECDE Teachers is of significance for growth of children’s welfare and it should not be taken for granted in any case state Chair Senate of Education Committee Andrew Christopher Lang’at as they count on the ECDE Bill to be implement into an ACT .

Children learn better in their social competencies thus, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imaginations and creativity are encouraged in this curriculum to ascertain that children get the best out education instead of cramming and memorizing for the sake of passing exams in school.

Contrary to the 8-4-4 system this curriculum tends to give learners opportunity to learns and teachers have to facilitate learning. The transition has been made to be as smooth as possible and almost the same however, learning in the classroom begins at the age of four years old for every child to be enrolled in school.

This curriculum cuts across all children even those living with disability as they are put in classes according to stages each leaner is supposed to be at. Learning outcomes tend result in communicating appropriately on verbal and non-verbal modes, demonstrate basic literacy and numeracy skill for learning, applying digital literacy skills for learning and enjoying, applying creative and critical skills in problem solving, practice hygiene, safety nutrition, sanitation, etiquette, well-being and finally explore immediate environment for learners for growth spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Let’s set a good example for our children and create a friendly environment for them to ensure that they get Early Childhood Development Education as we stand with them in every single step of this process.

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