Hey guys, yes schools are finally closed, yeeei!!! Another fun filled activity for the next three weeks for our school going kids and sibling. To some parents, it is usually difficult to monitor their children during school holidays due to the busy schedules at work, this may lead to immoral behaviors due to the amount of time they spend alone or with their peers. After the government banned the school tuition that used to happen during the school holidays.

But if you are parent out there and find it hard to monitor your kids during the holidays, there is no need to worry, just enroll them to the many sports clubs in your areas, your kids will not only have healthier days ahead but will also grasp the discipline that is usually involved in different fields of sports. It will also help in building children’s confidence and self-awareness on and off the pitch, which will help them to make better decisions in their lives, create better opportunities for themselves and enable them to live more fulfilling lives.

In my article today am going to suggest different sports club that accommodate children during the school holidays and teach them matters sports.


This is a rugby club that is found along Mpaka road near Purvi house and accommodates over 1500 student from both primary and secondary schools from the slums. Shamas Rugby foundation accommodates both girls and boys. The academy opens at 8.a.m and closes at 5.p.m in the evening.


Sadili is located in Langata and accommodates children who are passionate about sports, they have good facilities and also good coaches and mentors who take the children during different sessions, some of the sports they are offering include Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Football and Rugby.


Bumblebee Sports and Fitness is an organization that seeks to use Sports to empower children and develop their sporting abilities and capabilities. Bumblebee Sports saw its establishment in 2011, and ever since, it has developed trust and confidence with all her clients through her innovative coaching solutions and high-quality services. The training takes place in the following institutions.

  • Nairobi school
  • Hospital hill
  • Hillcrest international school




Simba rugby academy is located at Braeburn Center and offer training camps for children under the age of fifteen and they have a vast coaching experience that will ensure your child develops their discipline. Simba rugby academy is known for producing well trained and disciplined rugby players that usually receive a call up to the National rugby team.


Other sports academies include

  • Star soccer academy
  • Michezo academy
  • Makadara junior club
  • Totosport academy
  • Hearts of Ruiru Center
  • Wadi delga groups

For more information on the price and any other important thing that you will like to know you can visit their websites and inquire from them.



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