The 1st International Conference on Early Childhood Development

Constance Ndeleko

President Uhuru Kenyatta attended the 1st International conference on Early Childhood Development Inaugural ceremony where we converged for the well-being of the child to reach their full potential.

In his speech the President mentioned on that,’ECD is an important period for every child, that is marked with social, physical and emotional development.Children who experience quality Early childhood development, have a better chance to stay longer in schools and demonstrate better learning outcomes.

The first 1000 days of child’s life are critical and important for brain development.With no doubt ECD is one of the best programs a government can invest in for the good of individual children, communities but also for Sustainable broader progress, prosperity and development of countries.’

He also confirmed that the government has steps to ensure credibility of Examinations process and building on the success of the last year.Kenyatta condemned on those who insist on corrupting examination system.Our future depends on the quality of our children and professionals.

On the ACRWC charter from,right’s and welfare of the child promotes and protects the human rights and basic freedoms of African children and recognizes that children require specific safeguards and care which is echoed by our own constitution and vision 2030.

There are many foot soldiers in the field making out a difference in the lives of children and we need to celebrate the fact that there are many children out there who are happy, well developed and have good potential to be productive to contribute to the society but there are also millions of them out there deprived of the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential because of factors such as disability, poverty, disease and strive.

We have to meet the needs of all these children and we need to cultivate the notion that development is in multiple dimensions not just health,education social services but it involves intuition, early learning and responsive care under nurturing care.The immediate context in which our children develop is Family and family develops in the context of the community and the community develop in the context of a nation within the globe.We’re taking care of our children because we need to understand that our policies need to remember the families and communities without whom, development of our children will be stifled says Prof.Kofi Marfo,Chair of Board of AfECN .

It is in realization of Kenya that development cannot be attained without special focus on childhood development and integrated child development  is in the critical path of the realization universal health coverage.Linette Okengo, Executive Director AfECN, ‘ let’s make the difference as we were born to make a difference.Our children were not born to waiting, they cannot wait one more day.’

Nurturing care provided a vision for what we want for children and re-enforced  the integrated nature for child development.The domains of development are indivisible,you can’t learn if you are not safe,you cannot feel safe if the adults are not safe and secure themselves.Putting a spotlight on children from pre-natal period to age three is monumental in the world of Early Childhood.We are setting an ambitious agenda on ECD from small and scattered programs to scale.

Amina Mohamed,Cabinet secretary for Education pointed out that the regional champion for Early Learning is to know the critical importance of the conference and she is converted into this.’ There have been many challenges in registering early learners and we’ve come up with a national management system for education sector to assist in enrollment of children.The system has been a success from enrolling about 60% last year to 77% to date who are enrolled to Early Learning centers in hopes that by 2030 we will have universal access for our children.The strongest foundation you can give to the future of all our countries is assuring children are prepared for school by enrolling them in early learning.We’ve registered about 3.2 million children on early learning.We’ve developed ECD policy and guidelines which has been launched across the country into the counties for better improvement and enrollment of children into the ECD.

we have a quest to the world to pay attention to the needs of children and families need to be armed with information for the better part of children development while we understand their needs.

Evidently it is crucial and vital to understand ECD in conflict zones and refugees camp.Conflict affects all of as and particularly children and ECD should be approached fully even on gender based platforms.

we need to collaborate and loop in parents to sit and embrace this in a bear hug without doubts that the future of the young ones are in better hands. As a society we should cultivate more and dig enough on how we can collaborate with the ICT sector to ensure a smooth ride into the diversity on ECD.

We should let children be our first priority and invest in them.Let’s put a smile on the faces of that little boy and girl.Are we converted into this for the well being of the child.we need people to water the seeds for our own little champions as we continue to hold children deep into our hearts.

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