Who are the killers of the Missing Girls found Dead?

“I am sorry to inform you this but unfortunately we have found the body of a child who seems to match the description of the child you reported missing.”

These words! This statement! How painful they pierce a parent’s heart and shutter it into little pieces. No parent deserves to be informed about the state of their child in such a manner but in reality, when a child goes missing and is found dead, then they have to be said.

According to Missing Child Kenya, over 300 children have been reported missing as of September 2018, which is just a tip of the iceberg as a majority have not been reported. Since January 2018, three girls who had been reported missing through kidnapping were found deceased.

The most recent case, a nine-year-old who was reported missing on September 6 2018 was found dead at Gitoro Forest in Imenti North Division, Meru County on September 16 2018. Maribel Kapolon who was reported missing ten days ago after she did not come back home soon after the school bus dropped her, was the daughter to Meru Magistrate Carol Kemei.

According to Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, a suspect in the murder has been arrested as it is alleged that she was seen talking to a stranger as she walked home with her schoolmates from Consolata Primary School.

Another girl of the same age went missing in Kakamega only to be found dumped in a water tank behind her parent’s home in scheme estate. Sharlene Mwanzia was last seen playing with her younger brothers before a stranger approached her as alleged by the neighbors.

A thirteen-year-old girl’s body remains were found in a sugarcane plantation in Kisumu on August 20, 2018 after being reported missing for two weeks. The Standard 7 pupil of Obwolo Primary School had last been seen at Kisumu ASK show before saying she wanted to leave to visit her aunt to help in harvesting maize.

I keep on asking myself, where could these children be? If they have been taken by someone, what goes on in their minds to take away a child from his/her family? Since these cases have been reported to the police, what are they doing to reunite them with respective families? How can the members of the public be involved to ensure that children are safe from perpetrators?

It is unimaginable pain for a parent to lose a child in the hands of disoriented criminals who deny these children their right to childhood and growth with love around their family, friends and neighbors.

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Photo Courtesy of Citizen
Sources; Citizen Digital
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