Why the increasing number of missing children?

Isn’t it just sad how reports are reaching you that a child is missing and family is seeking help to find him/her? Isn’t it even worse when you hear that the child reported missing has been found dead?

It breaks my heart to imagine the pain the child might have felt in the hands of the abductors. Most certainly pleading not to be harmed, calling for the mother or father, asking for a safety return home, and confused in the arms of strangers.

When someone decides to cut-off life from another, how do you sleep at night? A child. Very innocent in probably a feud between the adults and the perpetrator which at no cost should involve children but then a heartless (yes I will call them that) bitter person takes up his/her bitterness with a clueless little human.

I write this following the discovery of the body of a 12 year-old boy was found a day after search began when he failed to come back home from school on Saturday September 22, 2018.

Nimrod Mutua’s decomposing body was found dumped at a banana plantation about 200 metres from their home at Kizito village in Machakos. The life-less body wrapped in a sack while still in school uniform was ferried by Tala police officers to Kangundo Mortuary as investigations continue to find the cause and guilty person(s).

According to witnesses, the boy had been seen in the presence of an unknown man before his body was found dumped and Area Assistant Chief Phyllis Musyoki confirms that one suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident.

This news comes a week after yet another body of missing girl was found dead and dumped at Gitoro Forest in Imenti North Division, Meru County on September 16 2018.

Maribel Kapolon had been reported missing ten days before her discovery, after she did not come back home from school.

She was allegedly reported to have had a conversation with a stranger who called her by name and disappeared from then.

I still have so many questions in my mind as to what would be causing these numbers to shoot up as they are. Are children more vulnerable when they are leaving school? What more can parents and the society at large do to ensure that our children see tomorrow? Is there a need to sit down with children and have talks about their safety? Growing up I knew that I should run as fast as I could the moment I hear someone call me by my name, especially if I am not familiar with their voice or I do not familiarize with them as close family.

Can we put our minds together on this matter and see how we can prevent further damages? Because although the governments have a responsibility of protecting its citizens, which includes children of course, I think all of us have a role to play in making this implementable.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that the parents get justice for their little angels and the perpetrators are brought to book.

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Source; Standardmedia.co.ke

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